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I still don’t see what Doc got so upset about.  So what if I chose to inspect a sunken cabin cruiser. We weren’t really moving  much. You’d think he’d be happy about us solving one of those little maritime mysteries. But no, he had to scold (and scold, and scold!) about me  taking risks! How the blazes was I to know that a swordfish decided to get up close and personal!

I swear that damn yellow wetsuit had something to do with it. (Did you know fish see in color? ). In any case they were only minor cuts. The way Will went on, you’d have thought I’d been fighting for my life against an entire school of them! It was just one little (okay, not so little) sword fish. And he started it. Not me.

Harry understood. Sort of.

I think he knew I’d been up to something checking out that shipwreck. Well of course I was. She might have had some coffee aboard, you know, the kind in sealed cans that a little seawater might not have intruded.

But no such luck. I think Ski knows that was the real reason for our dive, though didn’t say anything except that it needed to be investigated.  He sure hinted a lot…’gee Skip, if we, er..find something…you know…to eat or drink…maybe we could haul it back aboard…”

Well, we did, actually. Two 6 packs of beer. The real stuff. I was going to have Cookie ration it out after I’d have a swig, but Doc confiscated my share, saying it was contraindicated with the antibiotic. Phooey. Just when I needed a little boost to the old metabolism.  Chip’s going to be in charge of dispersing it, so everyone gets a little, even if it only amounts to a few shot glasses. I’m surprised Harry didn’t want any at all. But then, he has his own supply of stronger stuff.

Contacted the last owners of the craft and were they ever glad. Apparently their insurance company hadn’t exactly believed their claim that the boat had been stolen. Now thanks to Seaview, case closed.

I can’t get rid of this damn headache and I sure feel warm.  And I know I’ve become increasingly testy toward the officers and crew. I even growled at Harry that he must have contracted  a fly by night firm for the last refit. Which , of course, isn’t true and I’d been  in on the refit from day one. He understood of course, patted my arm and told me ‘Now, now, Lad, it’ll only be a few more days.’

But you know something? He had a little smirk on his face, like he was harboring a secret.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say he’s been impervious to our coffee crisis. But then, maybe Doc’s right about all that nicotine in his system.

The first thing I’m going to do when we reach port, is go with Chip to  the Base Commander’s office, then leave him alone to purchase enough  supplies for our stay for repairs and our trip back home to Santa Barbara, while  I go to whatever O’ club they have and drown my sorrows in the biggest, baddest cup of Navy joe they have.

Not as good (or strong) as Cookie’s but it’ll do in a pinch. (Our normal supply of coffee beans are not Navy issue.)

I think I’ll order some nice hot brew to take back to the boat till our supply order’s been completed, give all non essential personnel shore leave. The crew could sure use a break  from their scowling skipper!


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