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Sometimes Harry is too stubborn for his own good. I don’t mind us going to investigate pillow stones that some egghead believes could be from the lost city of Atlantis, but I do mind that one of our guests will be a so called professor who’s proud to be a Nazi.

Oh I know we’re sworn to defend the constitution and he has as much right to his political or religious beliefs as I do but I’m on edge. After all, we had a  bad encounter with Nazis, real ones,  when Col. Schroder tried to start WW3 using Harry, whom he’d kidnapped, and Seaview, which he almost entrapped in submarine nets.

No wonder I won’t take the  shore leave Harry offered for this trip. Nobody, but nobody’s going to use my boat as a pawn in some political game and no way am I letting them get their hands on Nelson again!

I’ve ordered extra security and I’ve re-installed new recording devices, at least for this trip,  invasion of privacy be damned. No doubt there will be recriminations when Harry finds out, but that’s beside the point.

I’m in a bad mood. I’m angry, frustrated, and just damn tired of us jumping in where Angels fear to tread, even if there’s no proof that this will be anything but an ordinary cruise and the professor’s just a professor out to investigate the rocks. If that’s all it will be, well, then Nelson can yell at me all he likes for my paranoia. But until then, he’s just going to have to put up with it.