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This is the page Doc says for me to fill out about myself. Vital statistics, pictures, favorite things, pets, etc. Why? Part of the 'therapy', of course.Here you go for now,Doc. More of the other stuff later.

Name: Lee B. Crane (I decided long ago to just use the initial and let everyone guess my middle name though there've been a few good guesses.)

I have so many names, real and imagined, sometimes I even forget myself-a distinct advantage in my line of work).

Hieght: I was 6'2" when I entered Annapolis, but have seem to have shrunk slightly. Or maybe the measuring tape the NIMR medical facilities used was made in China. (Oops, now that's a politicaly incorrect statement if ever there was one, isn't it. Can't let Harry know what I said here, or I'm sure to be in for a solid hour of the Human Resources Dept.'s Employee Do's and Don'ts lecture and will have to fill out all those forms again, in triplicate! Harry may be civilian, but he sure runs a tight ship!

Eyes: Gold, Green, Brown, you name it. All my life folks say if they're 'this'or 'that' color I'm mad, or happy, or sad, etc. etc. but nobody's ever said the same thing! Seems the ole' eyeballs have a mind of their own.

Hair: Black with ridiculously girly curls when wet. I remember arguing with Mom constantly to let me shave my head for school. Now,of course, all I have to do is send a whithering glare to my shipmates daring them to say anything after I've had a run in with anything moist, which seems to be an almost everyday occurance on this new sub of mine.



Grew up in New England, which can be good or bad depending on your point of view. Ever since Annapolis I've been taunted about by my Rhode Island 'r's. Could be worse though, could be ridiculed for the Massachusetts twang like 'Have-ard' for the famous school.

Hobbies? Not too bad at photography. Also pretty good with a chrochet hook. But somehow I don't think Harry or Chip would appreciate a captain who can make his own socks and afghans. In my own defence, sailors of old were master knitters, had to be to keep their feet warm, so me using a hook to make a beanie cap or booties out of moss and palm fibers to survive in the jungle can't be all that bad. Besides, got to have something to keep me occupied in Sick Bay.

Still, I have to call it 'manual dexterity survival excercises'to avoid Doc or the crew from laughing out loud. LOL I think they call it now.

Meeting the boss-again.

Taking on the Seaview and rekindling an old aquaintance.

At first her uniforms were slightly different from the Navy as there were no 'scrambled egg's on our covers, no 'command at sea' pin on my uniform, but Seaview's own special insignia is still on my collar.

Security Cam Cntrl Rm 1.1 Night Red

Just a bit earlier than piping the Admiral aboard, with my new command, if temporary at the time,  after I'd snuck aboard, er..tested security.
Harry sure let me know how he felt about that later! But I did prove my point. Seaview's security is second to none now.


Favorite movies:

Usually I like the oldies like Blood and Sand; The Canterville Ghost (the Charles Laughten version); A Christmas Carol(Alistair Simm), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington etc. Let's face it, there were a lot of old movies on TV when I got home from school.

I also remember kids' classics like The Cat from Outer Space and The Absent Minded Professor (the Disney versions.

I'm not too partial to the heady romances.Too gushy and unrealistic. I guess I just like the childlike 'escape' type movies. I have enough real life to handle, thank you very much. And my love life is just fine, that is, when I have one. Being a submariner and away for long periods of time, well, romance is welcome, (hey I'm a guy) but most of the time the girls I'd like to get a bit more involved with give up on me 'cause I'm hardly ever in port. 

Favorite foods.

Despite what the CMO and Morton seem to think, I do like food. Really I do. Just not all the time like they do.

Apple pie's a good one. Chocolate chip cookies. Home made ice cream, not the packaged stuff. I remember Pop getting down the rock salt and pouring ice chunks into the churn. Then we'd take turns with the crank til the cream, sugar, eggs, and vanilla had magically transformed into ice cream.

Oh yes, also barbeque, but not that heavy on the heat kind. I'd like to keep my taste buds intact.

Chip reminding me it's lunchtime

My Wonderful Career Photo Gallery
Me as a newly commissioned naval officer. The lowest of the low. Fit only to lick the boots of the lowest rating or a general in the Army! (Can't very well say Admiral!)


*** *** ***

Had to pose for another official picture. Orders from my Commanding Officer, but I think he just wanted a bit of PR for the boat. Not that I'd mind that, but I still think the decoration wasn't all that deserved. But will anybody listen to a snot nosed Ensign? Hah.


*** *** ***

At last! An Ensign no more!


*** *** ***

Another official photo. No choice but to smile. ( My Mom was there.)


*** *** ***

Made it to Full Lt. But still didn't rate a reserved parking slot at the base offices when the boat was in port.


*** *** ***

Executive Officer of the attack sub Limpett. Mom was furious. Seems that now I was 'command staff' she thought I'd never consider coming home and taking that banking job that was almost guarenteed to be waiting for me should I have considered it. Never did. Never will.
Tried very hard not to chuckle over the orders when they arrived. The only 'Limpett' I remember was a Don Knotts movie about a man who becomes a fish and helps the Navy. So I guess perhaps the name's fitting in a way.


*** *** ***

I still hate these damn official obligatory photo shoots.

I remember the award ceremony for this one and how my Mom was really furious because I'd 'gone and become a 'national hero'again', so that job at the bank couldn't compare to all the ruffles and flouishes the Navy had.

She almost told the President off! Thank goodness the First Lady got her into talking fried clams and catfish.  And I got to be able to get back to my boat intact. Whew!


*** *** ***

Call me Captain
My first command. It really galled the crew at first that I was a mere Lt. Cmdr. and that the XO was the same rank and I was (and that he was five years older than me!) 


*** *** ***

What a great little boat Annaleigh was. Same class as Celeste afterwards. Only 2 1/2 years with Annaleigh, and a few months with Celeste from which I was airlifted by chopper under my top secret orders to the closest jet to spirit me away to Santa Barbara and Seaview.
Both boats put in some extra special service. We all did, and what fond memories I'll always have of the those ladies and the men who crewed them.


*** *** ***

Up, up, and away.
Sure wish I could borrow the Flying Sub on a Saturday night!

Photo by Seaman Patterson, SSRN Seaview

*** *** ***

Another photo shoot for the Navy.
I was going to complain but even Nelson had to get his own  whites out of mothballs and fussed enough for the both of us.

Cmdr. Lee Crane- Official US Navy Reserve Photo