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I can’t believe that Harry drafted Chip to check out my Memory Book! You’d think by now he’d know he only has to ask. But there are things in this latest volume I’d rather keep private, thank you very much.

Poor Chip didn’t know which way to turn when I’d found him scrounging around in my cabin. It hadn’t exactly been an order, but when Harry suggested Morton might ‘investigate’ the latest Presidential Citation I’d received, well, he wanted to know what it had been all about too. If they were both that interested why not call the White House? It has offices that keep track of that sort of thing.

 I don’t know why they think it’s so important. Probably  wondering if it was about an undercover assignment or some such thing.  Well, they’re just going to have to wonder, so there.  I doubt they’ll get any specifics from 1600 Pennsylvania.

I wouldn’t mind if it was about the time and the President we’d helped after he fell and bumped his noggin so hard he got a blood clot. We were all in on that one. And it still seems a bit ridiculous to me that they just didn’t come clean with the world and transport the great man to the nearest hospital, instead of shipping him to a flattop and from there to us via a diving bell. But then a hospital wouldn’t have read all those electronic disturbances from the MGQ machine and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

I can’t believe I was so blind about Laura Rettig. What bothers me the most is that she turned out to be a  spy and nearly killed a man, let alone the President, not the fact that Chip joked that she was hardly my type, and the crew sniggered about it too. But did anyone listen to me that a woman can be handsome in a ‘masculine’ way and still be attractive? I suppose I’ll have to let them have their fun when they remember about the one who was not on the XO’s or Ski’s whistle list.

I still have to have a little talk with Harry, though, about invading my personal space, and not to use Chip again to do his dirty work.