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I don’t like golf. Not when I have to play 18 holes of it with Admiral Starke. He even thought I let him win, and scolded me! Me, win? Since when have I ever won a round of golf? I’m arguably the worst player ever. Ask Chip! Ask Harry! I only do it for the exercise, fresh air, and companionship with my friends. And Starke, despite his wanting to be my friend, isn’t.

I don’t know what’s gotten in to him. Suddenly my nemesis is all chummy and frankly  he’s driving me crazy!

To top that off, it’s making Harry a bit mift.  As if it’s my fault! I’m afraid we had an argument when I finally pulled my sailboat in and bid adieu to our visiting Admiral.  Did he have to wave cheerfully and tell me he’d treat me tomorrow for breakfast at Perkins?

Now, Perkins is a kind of special place for Harry and me. It’s not often we pig out at the breakfast buffet, but when we do it’s like leaving all our cares and troubles behind.  It’s something for friends and family.  And I don’t have a clue on how Starke learned of it.

Chip’s going to try to find out what he can from Joe about Starke, but he’s unavailable, and I’m not only stuck with breakfast, but also a game of tennis after! And I’m even worse at tennis than golf! Captain Bligh had better not think for one instant that I’m letting him win. And I’ve even asked Patterson, who’s pretty good at both games, for some pointers. I want to cream old blood and guts. And I’ve even asked Chip and Nelson to join us. For breakfast, for Tennis, and for whatever else Starke entraps me for.

You’d think he’d still be a thorn in my side since my mutiny. But I guess electromagnetic radiation and giant jellyfishes have  slipped his mind. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t hauled off on charges after I saved the boat after all.  ( Chief Jones said that was because it  would have been a bit odd to give a medal to someone being court martialed.) No medal, none wanted. I simply did my job.

Now if I can only get somebody to distract Starke for the remainder of his two weeks leave that he’s spending in Santa Barbara.  Or perhaps I can request a special assignment from ONI? Joe’s off doing something, perhaps he needs help.