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I’ve had it! And I don’t care who’ll listen. Normally I don’t complain. I’m known for my tolerance .Ask my crew! Slow to anger. The pillar of understanding.  But if Chip Morton tells me one more time I can’t have any more coffee or doughnuts I’m going to keel haul him!

Let him try to go this long without either!

I’ve had to resort to guile, even theft,  to get my brew  and something, anything, other than the sugar free Jell-O he pushes on me for dessert!  I’m sure Cookie’s seen me skulk around in the galley, but so far neither he nor his assistants have turned me in. And no-one’s complained if they’re  missing a bit of cookie dough, or doughnuts and cupcakes before they’ve even left the cooling racks.  I need goo! Doughy goo! Baked goo! Fried goo! Frosting!

Sorry about that drool splotch on the paper.

And Harry, well, when he’d said he wanted to go catalog his specimens at the larger NIMR labs and headed out in the flying sub, I didn’t  buy it. You see, Chip’s been complaining  about me to him. And I suppose I’ve been carping about him. And Doc’s been complaining  to him about the both of us, as well as not wanting Harry to run at all.  So I guess it just got a bit too much for Harry  being in the middle of things.

So I’ve been glad that he’s been  surrounded by his specimens and getting in a little of his own training in relative peace and quiet. I envy him his trainer. Harry gets to eat doughnuts and drink coffee…of course, I don’t think he’s in it to win. Or his trainer would be sure to make him cut down the smoking and do a few more rounds on the treadmill . In fact I’m not sure I’ve actually seen him on a treadmill, come to think of it.

 As for my nemesis, I had a little of my own back, when I presented him with the confirmation of his own entry in the marathon . Amazing what one can do electronically even if one is far far away  under the sea. Of course, I’m out the registration fee, but making him suffer as much as me? Sweet, sweet revenge. With sugar on top. Powdered, that is.