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On this page I'm supposed to put any pictures I like or are important to me. Milestones and things like that.

I wonder if I should include those pictures of that exotic dancer in Bancock over who's  honor Chip and I got tossed in the slammer. Wasn't our fault. Just two American guys enjoying the scenery and her jealous boyfriend picks a fight!
Took us most of the night arguing whom to call to come bail us out, especially since just about everyone was on shore leave.
How were we to know the bar's owner called the Ambassador who called Harry(happily puttering about in his lab)to come get our butts out of jail, pay a fine (over inflated-we're American, so we're rich attitude) and to get us, and Seaview the @#$$ out of their territorial waters.
Have to admit, Harry didn't rake us over the coals too much, and appologized when it was learned later on that it was all part of a trap to extort money.
Never did fancy going to strip bars much after that. You know, once burned..
*** *** ***


Spent a small part of my 'at sea training' at Annapolis undercover with ONI. Sure was nice to use my toothbrush on the floors someplace other than Bancroft Hall.
The Marines, especially the officers, can nitpick just as much and more than the most snarling Firstie can at the least little thing. But at least it was a mission accomplished, the details still classified, even from Harry.


They did all sorts of stuff with our official photos for the Annapolis yearbooks. They tweeked our plebe class into posters to send home as a surprise for our parents. Mom hung mine in the living room.  I cringed every time my friends wanted to come over during Christmas break.

Harry and me with the mini sub-it's red too!


The Three Musketeers, or Chip, Harry, and Me. (I can just hear my old English teacher stressing 'I', use 'and I', but this is my blog and I'll speak as I like!

My favorite picture of Chip

This was a proof for a PR picture the Navy made us do. Unfortunately the colors are a bit off.


I don't remember now what they were waiting for. Probably me. Families are like that.

A little advanced flight training with the Navy

They called me the 'Old Man' which is my right aboard Seaview as her Captain, but not aboard the Enterprise!
Old Man indeed, but I sure felt it literally, surrounded by all those young hot shots on the flight deck and in the wild blue yonder.
Had to satisfy the Navy's regs to be a certified jet fighter aviator to captain the Flying Sub. They just couldn't believe she wasn't designed to fly like a normal aircraft. But I had no choice. So up I went, after a crash course (knock on my helmet!) at flight school to an abrieviated practicum aboard the flattop.
One thing I did learn, other than how to handle the latest in military jet fighters in all weathers and arial combat, I still get seasick aboard surface craft!

My 'other' baby

I'm often kidded about my 'other baby' by my shipmates. This picture just doesn't do her justice.
I think it must have been the filter in that new digital camera Lola used. She's (the Alpha Romera-not Lola)more a cherry or Corvette red. In this picture, which has something called 'diffuse glow', makes her look a bit on the maroon side. Cheech, sometimes I hate tehnology!

A little quality time with my baby

Portrait of Chip

When I told Chip I wanted to take a picture portrait of Seaview's XO, contemplating some emergency or other, he could barely hold still. I had to keep telling him 'grim, Chip, be grim'! Didn't turn out too badly.

Portrait of Harry

I don't remember now, what he was grinning about, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Harry. Taken aboard Seaview.

Harry in civies! Will wonders never cease?

I don't remember the name of the place now, but Harry and I had a good meal at one of the oldest places to eat in Boston, let alone the States. Will have to jot down more about a little paranormal experience we had in the place, not to mention in Boston.