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I can’t believe it. Corbett’s been elected to Congress! Well, he’s got a pretty big soap box to stand on now. Just glad it’s not Seaview’s. 


It was very hard for Harry to be a witness for the prosecution at his court martial. I knew he’d been one of Bill’s instructors, and felt betrayed by his sudden  ‘conflict’ of conscious. And I’d suggested Harry give him another chance. Boy, was I wrong.


What a mix of hijinks and somber fear that cruise was. Glad it’s all over. For now anyway. Who knows what duty may require of us in the future. At least I feel confident that Seaview will be up to it.


I was going to go  through some of the security cam photos taken on that cruise, but am letting Chip get together with his friend from NCIS. They might even colorize the pictures.