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Harry found me in the Observation Nose after his phone call with Admiral Starke and poured me out some of the reserve. He knows I’m upset.  Seems like we may have no choice but to ‘babysit’ the some computers NCIS is testing. Only this time Harry’s made a proviso that any run with Seaview, and we’ll have  a skeleton crew, including a computer expert.

He was  just as concerned as I when Restin’s computer was almost stolen, not to mention the fact that I was nearly murdered. And while  we have an entire security wing now, ‘invisible’ surveillance, etc., it’s not 100 %.

Chip’s friend McGee of NCIS has volunteered to go along on any cruise we take with one of their newfangled computers. And it’s not a sure bet that they’ll even be approved for military use at all, dry run or not.

Don’t get me wrong. Computers  a great time savers. They can even assist with issues that don’t seem to have solutions. I’ve won numerous arguments with Harry over this and that but I am concerned when designers say their computers can make a boat run all by itself. That’s just asking for trouble. The two legged kind.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. At least Chip will be happy. He and McGee can talk shop all they want. But one thing’s for sure. I’ll be standing by ready to pull the plug on any super computer or spy that thinks it’s a better sub Captain than me!