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Behind Closed Doors

2. From the Desk of Adm. E. Cartwright

Office of Naval Intelligence

Personnel Dept.

Field Agent Report #7707A007:

Crane, Lee. B. Cmdr.




Jim, I agree that I’d like nothing more than to wean Crane away from Harriman’s clutches, but I really doubt that would be possible. It’s as if the Commander is possessed by that damn sub, not to mention having a loyalty to Nelson that’s  been raising a few eyebrows. Their personal relationship has grown too close for comfort. Fraternization between the ranks is not only against regs, but Nelson has actually begun to take steps to make Crane his legal heir! Crane is completely ignorant of his plans for now and we want to keep it that way. Should he find out about this before we can secure his services to the Agency full time, we'll never be able to bypass his loyalty to the old windbag.


I’m not sure what good a promotion would do, Crane as  already turned down that fourth stripe aboard Seaview. Water cooler gossip has it that  Crane sincerely believes a fourth stripe would make him less approachable to his crew, and that this something must have soured him about four stripers in general. 


 Of course we could simply request the President bypass that stripe and confer flag rank on him, as he can go over the Promotion Board.

A star might certainly get the Commander's attention in that service with us full time has far more benefits than that aboard Seaview.


As for filling Crane’s shoes as  Seaview’s captain, Morton knows where his duty lies, and has taken on the mantle of Acting Captain frequently. And if he’s adamant about NOT taking it, well, there are plenty of other command hungry sub officers out there and Nelson would have to accept at least one of them. Giving up that sub as a Reserve vessel and missile carrier is not an option for him.At least until she's outlived her usefulness.


While we consider our options, we need to tread cautiously. It’s not as if we can actually recall Crane to active service in the Navy in order to serve ONI as our agents are all volunteeers.


As for the Medical unfits, find out if Crane's continually getting sick or something, or if these incidents were in the line of duty. If there's a pattern of illness to prevent him from taking on an assignment, he may not be the man we know and want full time.


Adm. E. Cartwright