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Behind Closed Doors

6. From the Desk of Cmdr. Lee B. Crane


Cmdr. Lee B. Crane





Adm. Cartwright




Dear sir,


It has come to my attention that a letter sent by Lt. Cmdr. Jackson to myself was officially intercepted and filed away someplace in the bowels of ONI.


Before you ask how I know, let’s just say I have my sources.


I would like said letter delivered to me post haste, by hand, and if the Agency ever does something like this again, unless it’s a national emergency and I’m under suspicion of treason or something, you will have my immediate resignation.


Make no mistake, I’ve enjoyed being affiliated with ONI. And I’m damn good at it, if I say so myself. I’m also proud to have also served my country outside of NIMR and Seaview.  But this smacks of something underhanded and I want to know what.


I have informed Admiral Nelson that I will be in to see you ASAP. He doesn’t know the why’s or wherefores as I don’t want to distress him any more than possible,  as he doesn’t like my dealings as a field agent to begin with, so I’d appreciate it if you don’t contact him about my insubordination, at least not yet.


I also asked  Lt. Cmdr. Jackson  to attend our little discussion.


I mean business, Admiral. Please don’t disappoint me in this or you can kiss Agent Crane goodbye forever.



Cmdr. Lee B. Crane, USNR


Lee B. Crane


cc: Adm. J. Beckwith