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Behind Closed Doors

1. From the Desk of Adm. J. Beckwith

Office of Naval Intelligence

Personnel Dept.

Field Agent Report #7707A007:

Crane, Lee. B. Cmdr.


Field Agent Crane has a high level of Missions Accomplished and has personally refused only 1 assignment this fiscal year. I am concerned with the number of Medical Unfit for Duty’s. I would like this checked out but at the moment, I presume most of these are Seaview or assignment related. Getting scruffed up is an occupational hazard for both designations. But his seem a bit excessive. See what you can find out about them.


It is my opinion that Cmdr. Crane’s active status should be maintained for the new Fiscal year despite the increasing antipathy from NIMR. Nelson has begun to check with JAG about the legality of our 'continual interference' regarding his Captain. 


Nelson doesn't have  a leg to stand on, as Crane's Navy, if technically Reserve, and will do what we tell him. In addition, more than 40% of his assignments  this fiscal year were voluntary, so the old windbag  can't complain to us about his golden boy setting out for a bit of adventure on his own.


In fact, I suggest that we sweeten the pot for Crane’s continued and/or increased assignments with the Ageny, even bringing him into the Agency full time;  a hazard pay raise, and an additiaonl stripe, perhaps.


No doubt Nelson will use his personal relationship with Crane  to pressure him to remain with Seaview as his primary designation.


The SECNAV is not exactly on our side, and has said that  Crane is unequalled as a sub commander, and wants him to stay put with Seaview, or at least on any of the active subs the Navy can recall him to at a moment's notice.


However, Crane  also has unparalleled expertise undercover, and would serve our country far better with us, in my humble opinion.


Adm. J. Beckwith

Personnel Dept.

                     CC: Adm. Cartwright, ONI