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Richard's Alternate Universe Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea
(In Progress)


Richard's Comic Book version of Alternate Universe 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea':

Thirty five years had passed since the famous nuclear sub SSRN Seaview had made her maiden voyage under Admiral Nelson.  Now the year is 2026, and a new generation
of submarines have surfaced with new and advanced technologies. 
The new advanced Seaview is under the command of Tyrone L. Nelson, Admiral Nelson’s nephew.  It was Admiral Crane, Sr. who recommended Tyrone Nelson to the new sub for his courage and sacrifice in saving his captain and crew from the Marinas Trench incident.
Scientists had discovered that 2,300 years ago a bright star had exploded and its deadly radiation pulse is heading toward our solar system, the earth is in its path.  They needed to find a solution to avoid world-wide panic and kept it from public knowledge, while building deep underground bunkers.  However, no secrets stay secrets forever.  A world- wide internet organization hacked the government files and published the news. 
Suspicions began to rise about government activities and it finally acknowledged the  secrecy.  It was believed that the first radiation pulse would do minimum damage.  However, the second wave pulse might engulf the earth, bringing the human race back to the Stone Age or to extinction.
A well respected scientist in the sciences community, Andrew Stevenson, came up with a hypothesis based on an ancient myth about space travelers who came to earth for mining purposes and then went back to save their home world from a similar situation. However, what they were mining was gold.
Stevenson believed gold, with its unique properties, could shield the earth from the radiation.  The problem is, it would take the all world’s gold to accomplish this task.  Andrew convinced Tyrone Nelson of his theory and both appealed to the United Nation’s Emergency Council to put Andrew’s theories to the test.  But the council rejected it, and accused them planning theft under the umbrella of the world crisis.
The sea fleet had been under the United Nations authorities since the 1993 incident, when the original Seaview was destroyed, along with Admiral Nelson. 
Tyrone Nelson was given new orders since the council’s rejection and now he’s trying to convince anyone who will listen to help him to obtain the gold needed to stop the coming apocalypse.
The United Nation’s issued a warrant to destroy the new Seaview.  It has become a cat- and- mouse chase underwater with the sea fleet.  Tyron and Andrew decide to tap into world telecommunications to appeal to the world’s public to give  up any gold in their possession. It will take every nuclear missile on earth to carry the gold into space  The big question is will it work?
No one can predict the outcome of this story, because it can go both ways. Either the Earth is engulfed or a new world will emerge from its ashes.
Can they save planet? But what will be the consequences for Tyrone afterwards?  What do you think will happen?
The timeline is not important because this is fiction adventure and an alternative universe to ours.                                                                                                                    12/8/12








See one of Richard's planned annimated intro's on U Tube

Deep Cry" is the first chapter were the next Generation Sea-view sub crew is introduced. Tyrone L Nelson tells his story were he and his cousin Rick Nelson served aboard the doomed sub "S.S.N. Gustavo" seventeen years earlier. "Voyage" is 20th Century Fox  copyright.
"Aruara comic" is Jumandi Graphic right.

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U Tube presentation of Seaview, friend, and enemy. *Do wait a few seconds for the animation to load.

U Tube presentation of animated whale.

U Tube presentation of Flying Sub being launched.

U Tube presentation of spinning Seaview and Flying Sub being launched.

Richard's other Voyage Graphic Art