Diego and Rich's New Comic Book Contest

Nelson's Secret Log


As the years are passing by, Nelson realizes Seaview can't last forever, and wants a little insurance that there will be a new Seaview to replace the old when there's no longer an option of keeping her seaworthy  or her crew, whichever comes first.

So with NIMR funding, along with a grant from Congress to help develop a 'new generation' sub for the Navy, the sea trials of the new Seaview will help determine if the Navy will use the same design for it's new boats.
For the trials of his new design, the boat will be manned by Seaview's original crew  but will have the addition of women aboard.
If sucessful, the new Seaview will be a training vessel for the Navy until the orig. Seaview is decommissioned and set up as a museum ship at NIMR.

There are two concepts for this contest:
Concept 1:
The seabed is alive, munching on anything that so much as touches it, that includes any sub that gets to nosy.
Concept 2:
Seaview comes upon an ancient ruin, or is it an ultra modern city?

Both artists will determine the winning entrants to be turned into an 8-10 page comic.
Happy writing!

Your entry should be 2-3 typed pages. (Can be single spaced)
Contest Ends June 30, 2012.

Please register for this contest, and send your entry in Word or Rich Text format to Carol aka Catfish.

SNAFU by Carol aka Catfish *posted April 14, 2012

And now, for your inspiration, these wonderful images from Diego and Rich!