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Courtney  was a little tuxedo only 4 pounds- the tiniest cat I ever saw.

I received her from my sister- in - law after their first child was born. They were afraid Courtney would hurt their baby, so, knowing I lived alone they asked if I could adopt her. I was ecstatic. I always thought this was the cutest cat in the world. Because of her size she was forever a 'kitten.'


Her favorite pasttime was to sit up on my shoulder to hide in my hair, and at bedtime she would sleep right up under my chin. She was 8 when she died, but still looked only 4 or 5 months old; maybe because she was so small and had twice the energy of a cat 3 times her size she was only meant to live half the time normal cats do. She was my very first pet.


"Nummymuffincocobutter" is named for the cutest furriest fluffiest most obnoxious animal in the universe as from MST3K. This girl got into everything and was a brilliant escape artist. There was no cage that could hold her, no place I could put her treats that she did not find them, and nothing she did not try to eat, which eventually lead to her death a few years after her adoption.


Short of a muzzle there was nothing that kept her from eating everything and anything she could get a hold of. The doctor was baffled of what she consumed in her lifetime, for example, a tube sock, a bag of treats including the bag, and even her hammock. In addition, she also enjoyed newspaper bedding, her water bottle, her harness, and both shoe laces on my shoes just to name a few items. She did have good days when she would fetch her leash for walkies.............that is until she ate it also.


Izzabelle lives at the costume shop that I own. She is named Izzablle with 2-Z's so my employees can call her "IZZY".  I do not know why but they all like it.


She came to us from one of my former employees at the costume shop when he heard tiny meows from under his closed in porch. So in the middle of a Chicago snowstorm he went belly down crawling under his deck to fetch this tiny little kitten which he then brought to the store.


Once she was in the store she looked around the whole place checking out her new surroundings. We knew she loved it there whe she promptly pee'd on the store couch then curled up in my office chair which I was never able to get her to stop doing.  I still have to sit on the end of my chair so there is room or her to sleep behind me.


We have since tossed out the couch. The picture here is of her lounging in the sun with our display skeleton.