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Silvergene Dulce De Leche is his name.  I call him Dully.


In 2008 my black kitty, Ms Parker, passed away after 13 years.


After mourning for her I began looking for a kitty to adopt. I looked into many different breeds. The Bengal cat caught my attention, as being the most dog like.

So I began looking at different humane sites and CraigsList.

October 2009 was the Ramona Humane Ocotobrfest and $25 dollar adoption fees.


There were several Bengals, Dulce and Buttons and Bows.They listed Dulce as 'mellow' for a Bengal.


There was a long line with people waiting to adopt and for a spade voucher.

When I got through the gate I headed for the cat building and asked for Dulce. He was there and pulled his card.  He is now mine. I also looked at Button and Bows, but they did not know how she would do with another cat.


So I went to pay for him and they put him in a travel box.  I made it back to my truck and put him in the cat travel carrier.


When I got home I went onto the internet to see what I could find out about my new cat. It turned out that Dulce De Leche (the name I had for him) was actually Silvergene Dulce De Leche.


I found an article with his name in it and contacted the author, and learned Dully's history...


"He was initially owned by his Breeder, Linda Evans (Silvergene Bengals-now retired), who then loaned/leased him to Burkeben Bengals in the Mount San Jacinto area.  He was used sparingly, since he is a marble." Linda Wright


Through Linda I got in contact with the last breeder and they sent me his papers and found out what kibble he was use to eating.


At one time I was in contact with the last owner, the breeder and the author of the article.  It is sad from the point of missed opportunnities that Dully turned up in the Humane Society and from a breeders point of view the loss of his gene material. 


But at seven years old he was due to be loved as a kitty.  He follows me around the house like a dog.

You can find his linage at:Bengal Pedigrees.Com