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Updated Oct 28, 2012.

July 4, 2012


Now a Cardinal (see far left) visits along with a butterfly.



'Bristol's Very Berry' is a Streptocarpus. (A plant, I read, that often only has one large leaf, but lots of bright tubular flowers.) This too, I transplanted into a small styrofoam cup, probably too big for it at this stage, but it's all I had. 


'Ma's Hot Flash'. This standard African Violet doesn't look nearly as appealing as it will when mature. The pale part of the leaves is normal..or so I'm told.


All my babies in a row. Now all I need to do is find a spot to keep them well lit and safe from marauding lizards that sneak into the house.


I found this three tier planter online. Perfect new home for the litle guys.


Would you believe baby Shamrocks aka Clover by seed?  Wonder if there's a 4 leafer in there.

DISASTER! These seeds were an absolute disaster. Moldy sprouts and all died. I blame the stupid little 'greenhouse'.



So now grown shamrocks are very happy. They've had to be repotted twice they've gotten so big!


Shamrocks, both green and purple, miniature and full sized African Violets seem to like the early morning sunshine.


Latest addition is an Orchid, a gift from my cousin's visit. I have never had Orchids before. I may need your suggestions on how to care for it!

Well, it got a mold and died. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.



Peek a boo! A Bluejay hides as a butterly makes a visit.


Zooming in.


My new African Violet and Streptocarpus  babies just arrived safely via US mail from the Violet Barn. I placed a flash drive next to these to give you a size comparison.
So tiny! They arrived in 2 inch pots.



'Rob's Humpty Doo' is a Trailing African Violet. I repotted this in a small styrofoam cup. Even so, I've been told that this small cup is too big for a new transplant. We'll see.


'Rob's Lili Phil' is a trailing African Violet. Hey, I had to get a friend for the other trailer!


A makeshift drip saucer...I ordered a special tiered container for them when they're big enough. We'll see.



Purple Shamrocks grew like weeds, however. These were started from rizomes, however.

The rest of my babies are thriving, and though you can barely see them, the purple Shamrocks are starting to blossom. The African Violets are spreading and blooming and the transplanted violet (It needed a bigger pot) is doing so well, I may have to transplant it again into an even bigger pot!
So little victories help to ease the pain of the green Shamrock seed disaster.


Well, the green shamrock rhizomes I tried worked. These are growing like weeds as well, and after only two weeks since sprouting,need new homes! 



The mini African Violet trailers like their tierd home. I keep having to turn it a quarter turn each day so they can all get their rays.


Well, they're all 'big' babies now!

Finally! This Christmas Cactus is 3 years old and only just now, in March of 2013 has it decided to bloom again! The other  is steadfastly refusing!