Sock Puppet Theatre

Halloween Party

Ever wonder what goes on at a Hollywood Halloween party? Neither do the Seaview Stories Sock Puppets. (Their theater is in Daytona Beach, Florida.)
Between rehearsals, they have, however, as much fun as their counterparts. They bob for apples, go trick and treating, and even have a costume party. (Though not all of the guild participates for prizes.)
And who knows, you might just catch a glimpse of the fun!




While not all of our stalwart thespians entered the costume contest, they would appreciate your feedback.
Who do you think had the best costume? (In the case of a tie, which is possible between Sock It To Me and Irwin Emeritus, you may simply pick your favorite thespian).
A note: Votes may be taken for Spidee even though he appears as a fashion accessory on Cat Astra Phee's costume.
~The Management~

Best costume? Email Agent Catfish!