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It ain’t fair. It just ain’t fair. We work our tails off and bam! The one thing we could always count on was a good cup of joe. Now it’s all gone. Dumped over the side. So what if the bags of coffee beans got a bit water logged. Would have just given it a bit of tang, that’s all. But no, does anyone listen to me? Well, okay, maybe it woulda’ tasted a bit weird, I mean seawater does have fish poop in it. But still. Four days without any coffee? It’s gonna’ be hell.

Not that we’ll all turn into raving lunatics. Even if we do, I’m more worried about the Skipper. I mean, what do you call a guy that drinks coffee by the gallon each and every day? An aficionado or an addict?

Judging by the irritation he's already started to show, I'd say the latter.

Said I missed something on sonar. Hey, not my fault he ‘felt’ it before it even pinged! Turns out it was a sunk cabin cruiser.  To his credit though, he must've felt  bad about jumping on me ‘cause he asked me if I’d be his diving buddy to go investigate.

But I knew, and he knew that I knew he knew,  he just wants  to go see if there’s any coffee aboard, the kinds in sealed cans, not the bagged beans that Cookie always has to grind himself. (Procurement gets it cheaper that way.)

My mouth is watering at the possibility. I don’t like coffee as strong as the Skipper does. Don’t tell but I actually prefer my coffee with that instant cocoa powder in it. Maybe some whipped cream on top. Of course, it’s not really  a ‘guy’ thing, and we’re a pretty macho kind of sub, so I pretty much only make it that way at home.

Well,  I gotta shut down…there’s a scuba tank and a wetsuit with my name on them waiting.

One thing, if there is any coffee on that boat, I get first dibs after the Skip

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