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Submission Page-Catfish

The following are my ideas for the Virtual Float.
Keep in mind we'll leave true artwork to Diego and Richard should they decide on any of these ideas for the Virtual Float.
An artist I'm not!


Tail end of the float facing forward.
The Flying Sub is doing loop de loops through a rainbow which spreads from the clifftop NIMR to the sea below.


Side view A.
Under the sea, the Seaview broaches the surface with an octopus on the view ports. An animatronic dolphin loops around Seaview both in sea and air.


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Side view A mid and tail end.
Undersea view of mermaids with giant clam shell and pearl (live wave), undersea ruins with diving bell and monster as Seaview broaches surface toward the front.


Side View B
NIMR at work. Stacks of books, including Jules Verne near lab table where beakers and test tubes bubble near a microscope. Behind on the 'wall' are a bulletin board wtih technical drawings, and a world map.
Retrieved treasure and ancient amphoras wait to be examined while a newly discovered fish species is in a toppled fish bowl.


Side View B -tail end
Morton, Nelson, Crane wave to crowd on curved stand.


Very front of float.
Seaview broaching surface with Octopus on nose, and dolphin circling in air and sea.
Underneath sea creatures including crabs and a Submarine Crossing sign.