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There is a fine line between hobby and mental illness.

S.S.R.N. Seaview's her name,
Exploring the oceans her game.
Though topside or under,
The planet's eighth wonder,
A trouble magnet all the same.

Admiral Nelson

The admiral is not quite Navy
But Seaview's like his own baby.
(Just don't get him pissed!)
And Lee's father figure? Maybe.

Captain Crane
Lee Crane is a skipper with flair;
He can lead his crew anywhere.
When he's on a mission
He has a tradition
To give everyone a good scare.

Lt. Commander Morton
No ship has a better XO;
It's Morton who runs the whole show.
Poker-faced as a rule,
Never loses his cool,
And he makes quite a lovely echo.

He's the finest exec afloat,
Though never a person to gloat.
And there is no gainsaying
When once again staying
Behind and minding the boat.

Viola's 'South Park Chip'