Seaview Stories Newsletter 9


Labor Day Weekend Edition
In the US, Labor Day is the first Monday of September, a national holiday, to 'exhibit the strength and sprit of trade and labor oranizations'.
*However I've never had Labor Day off until my present job. Most non government businesses are open.

Did You Know?
General Quarters
No, not a cache of US coins dating from the 1700's to the present.
The call to general quarters on a US Naval vessel, including, of course, our Seaview, means stop whatever you're doing, pull on your battle gear, and race to your assigned battle station in combat mode. If you  don't, you could contribute to the loss of your boat or incur the wrath of your Captain, whichever comes first.

Speaking of Quarters, the first minted in 1796, if  in circulated condition, pending quality, today would bring $4,000.00-

$15, 000.00. 


An uncirculated and/or mint condition coin would be worth about $20,000.00 to $25,000.00. Not a bad rate of exhange for a quarter of a dollar. If you can find one this rare, that is.

Facing side of the quarter. Not mine. I'm not that lucky!

Writer's Block


There are two kinds of writer's block that I know of.

Brain Freeze and Life's Little Interruptions.


1. Brain Freeze (Not to be confused with the biological reaction to ice cream-by the way, which is the favorite flavor aboard Seaview?)is when suddenly you don't know where to take the story. You're totally stumped on which direction to take.


But sometimes Brain Freeze is worse than a fork in the road, plot wise. Sometimes I have it all worked out in my head usually in the wee hours before sleep really envelopes me, or even later, when I wake up in the middle of the night in order to use the facilities or raid the fridge, but when  the alarm clock bashes me awake in the morning, whatever I’d planned has vanished completely from my memory.


It could be that I’m a victim of age, premature senility,  or maybe it’s just hormones, or it could also be that the story just doesn't want to be written. But we'll get to that later.


2. Life's Little Interruptions are the more common blocks that I have in getting the story done. Just when I finally have a weekend or a few hours before or after work, and I’m busy at the keyboard or dictating what’s in my mind via new software programs or the old cobweb encrusted Dictaphone (that I finally managed to get someone to help me dig out of the garage-things are stacked so high you can’t even get a bicycle in it, let alone a car) when suddenly a member of family needs something that only I can provide, or the phone or doorbell rings, bringing with their ringing tones  good or bad tidings and/or  time with family and friends, frustration with telemarketers endorsing prodcuts and/or political wannabes, not to mention reminders from Walgreens to pick up my medicine, organizations asking for donations, etc.etc.)


By the time I manage to reopen up the laptop or turn the desktop back on, the character’s lines and the subplots I had in mind have come to a standstill, and I can’t get back into, what can I do to get back into the flow?


Close my eyes? Turn on some soothing music? More coffee maybe?  (Did you know they think it’s good for you now?) Nahh.Those things  never help me.There’s just one thing for it. I get out the box of brownie mix and convince myself one square won’t hurt and that I’ll take the rest to work on Monday. Then while they’re baking, I’ll go do some research on  the history of cinnamon rolls or some such thing for the Seaview Stories Cookbook.


Soothed by the warm chocolate doughy goodness along with a cold glass of milk, I’m sated, refreshed, and start thinking what Chip or Lee might do over a plate of the same..back on track, thinking of my favorite fellows, the Admiral too.My story may have nothing to do with brownies or food of any kind, but I’m back on a roll..literally,as I find I don’t really have that many brownies left to take to work on Monday. 


Three Sisters
'Painting' by Carol Foss


"Lee, I'm a bit concerned about all these calls for General Quarters. He isn't even on the payroll."
Previous Storyboard Drawing by Diego from the Comic Book Contest.


Newsletter 9 Caption Contest picture

Newsletter 8 Caption Contest Winner


"Don't even think of asking me to go out on your surfboard, Riley! I came here to relax!"

Most Valuable Crewman
Be advised that the Most Valuable Crewman aboard SSRN Seaview is...
Hey, all that water has to go someplace...
Spongebob is a cartoon character with his own show.


"So you see, Lee, my research aboard Seaview has been vindicated. It was right there on TV. Coffee's good for you. Now there's hope the fanfic writers will stop trying to decaffinate us!"