Seaview Stories Newsletter-8



Questions and Answers

Q. Does anyone know what the insignia was that was worn on the right side of the collar of the officers on the Seaview?  From barnprickle

A.Well, I found it very difficult to see the insignia all that close up, but if I had to judge, they sure look like the US Army's Transportation Corp's insignias to me. I often joke about Nelson using Army Surplus in my stories. Perhaps I wasn't all that far off! What do our fellow voyagers with better eyesight say?


Who's Got My Button?
Ever notice how our boys sometimes have the time to hurry and change their shirts in between scenes and sometimes even between lines?
How can you tell? Look at their shirt sleeve cuffs. Sometimes there will be only one button, then there will be two, and vise versa.
Either these are IrwinAllesque Moments, or Mr. Pemm's still having fun and games.

Did you know?
KHAKI was 'invented' by British troops in India about 1845 by staining their 'white's in coffee, mud, and even curry powder(yes,  curry powder) to make their uniforms less visible.  The brown tan uniforms made their way to the US Navy in 1912. First used by flyers, they were introduced to submarines in 1931 and soon authorized for officers and non commissioned officers elsewhere.
With the advent of nuclear subs, Navy submarine uniforms soon changed to 'Poopie Suits' (blue lint free polyester coveralls) to help prevent lint from clogging the air filtration system. Seaview of course, was ahead of her time as her crew wore designer colors and must have had an especially good lint trap in the laundry facilitites for the officer's Khaki's. We've never seen a giant dust bunny aboard her...yet.

New Caption Contest Picture


Moonrise by Carol Foss

Just kidding!

Caption Contest Winner


Lee:"It's cake with a mint icing and banana slices on top.  If we cut it thin enough we should have enough for everyone."
Sue. O'Neil

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