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14 Aug. 2010
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Lee's 'Memory Book'
As we know, (from Hail to the Chief), Captain Crane kept a 'memory book'. If it was a diary or scrapbook, Nelson didn't say, but Seaview Stories was lucky enough to come accross a page from a diary he kept in his early days as a plebe (fourth classman aka freshman) at the US Naval Academy....

0515 Got up,  put on running shorts, grabbed Joe’s socks by mistake, cheech, give me a break, bro, it’s hard to see in the dark.

0530 Reveille, fell out  into the passageway after Joe  bumped me by mistake. All right already, I’m here!

0540 Formation for Plebe Phys Ed after making rack. Still can’t get that damn quarter to bounce off it! Question of the day is why?

0600 Phys Ed drills  for 1 hour.


0700 Showered, shaved, got into uniform, memorized Navy rates for the day, menu, and several newspaper articles  to shout for uppity uppers before breakfast. My voice will never be the same again, if I even have one after 4 years of this.

0745 Morning  formation and breakfast. Standing excessive time at attention not at all difficult, but sitting braced with my neck into  my chest at attention  while eating is kind of hard. Almost slipped off the first front 3 inches of the chair, AGAIN!

I’ve heard of square  meals  but do they have to take it literally?Yelled at by firsties at table for being clumsy and spilling scrambled eggs on the table not to mention my uniform. Can I help it if I can’t raise or lower my head to see what I’m doing when trying to move that fork up and down in  a mathematical rectangle?

0845 Morning classes, but am getting a bit  tired of all the history and surface  stuff. Give me Subs  already!

1145 Recited Navy rates for Squad Leader on request. How should I know what came first, the chicken or the egg? And what on earth has it to do with the Navy? I know all this hazing stuff is supposed to make men of us, but I only come away from it feeling humiliated and abused. But take it I must.  I’m not going to get all whimpy like some of my classmates . Get a grip guys. It’s not the end of the world. You knew what you were getting into when you applied!

1210 Noon meal formation and lunch. It was called Meatloaf. Could have fooled me.

1300 Afternoon classes and specialized  training. Brain and body exhausted. I am way out of my league here. Sometimes wonder if I should have simply gone through ROTC at another college. They have  courses in electrical engineering, don’t  they?   Belay that Crane! Don’t second guess your choice to apply here. You were damn lucky to get in ! This is  NOT being away at college. This is the Navy!

1600 Intramural/varsity sports practice.  This place lives for physical activity. But, I have to ask, will I really be  required  to jump hurdles aboard a submarine? Well, maybe  the knee knockers.


1700 Evening meal formation and dinner. Mystery meat lives! Worse than high school's or Aunt Abby's.  Even Mom would complain! At least this meal's buffet style  and  even  at attention, constantly it seems, at least we lowly plebes can come and go as we like and even sit where we like  for this meal.  Doesn’t keep the firsties from nailing us with everything from 5 o’clock shadow and being better suited for WestPoint, etc. You just can’t win.  


1900 Permission sought and approved for some short order drills practice. Now I really am convinced I’m clumsy.


1930 Study time, like they really have to tell us??


2110 Personal time. Did punishment tour . There is no way I'll be able to work off these demerits! Learned some new slang from one of the mess cooks when he heard about my complaint about the meatlof. (York , York! ) which means "You're absolutely right, Commander!"  He was jesting, but you know, it made me feel good being called Commander. And one day, I will be.


Studied, wrote home, studied, lamented our fates as bilge rats for the duration, studied, pleaded with Joe  for a homemade cookie his Mom sent. Studied, showered, shaved again, and  snuck one of his cookies hoping he won’t notice. Even if he does, I’ll give myself 5 demerits anyway. Wondering what tonight’s dreams will bring. Hope it’s not  about that movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea again. Can’t hold a candle to today’s boats. Somebody really ought to make an updated sub movie, maybe a tv series!

2300 TAPS (Unfair, unfair, unfair. Not enough hours in the day! Firsties get to stay up till 2400 so it's true about rank having it's privileges) It may be lights out in our room, but my flashlight’s working just fine under the blankets. I have got to get these chapters read!  

Did You Know?
Care Packages: The US Naval Academy has recently requested in lieu of the traditional 'goodie' care packages sent from home, that parents, friends, and families refrain from including 'junk' food in them. No more chips, cookies, candy bars, etc. Not exactly forbidden, but the request is to insure the 'Spartan' existance and discipline vital for future officers.
Tours: Punishment. The middie carries a rifle and marches back and forth in the 'yard' an hour at a time, rain or shine. Tours are also usually assigned when demerits are received.
No Civies please: Plebes and 'Youngsters' (Thrid Classmen akaSophmores) are not allowed to wear or keep civilian clothes in their rooms. Even applies to liberty time. (But not leave. So Lee could wear civies during Christmas Leave, but not the very few Saturday liberties allowed)

Issue 6 Newsletter Caption Contest Winner is:


'They don't call it Muscle Beach for nothing!'
(submitted by Fran )

Clock is ticking for the Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Contest!
Even if you're no way nearly finished, please let me know you'll have an entry! It's possible we may give the contest an extension.

Questions and Answers
Q. Can I submit an 'adult' story?
A. Yes, however, if approved for posting they will be placed in the Mature or After Dark subsections.
Q. Was Captain Crane a SEAL?
A. Only in fanfiction. Never hinted at in the series.
Q. Is there a chaplain aboard Seaview?
A. No. Nor is a chaplain assigned to any US Navy subs at present. Captain Crane and Lt. Cmdr. Morton did act as unofficial chaplains for  burials at sea aboard Seaview, however.
Q. Did Admiral Nelson have an affair with any of his lady scientist buddies?
A. Hard to say. After all the show was in the 60's and censored at the same time married folks in movies and tv had to have twin beds. Innuendo had to be rather tame.
It's pretty apparent though, that Nelson had at least an infatuation with Dr. Ellen Bryce. (Ghost of Moby Dick) and it's possible he desired one with Litchka, the Russian double agent in (Time Bomb) There were some kissies( a mild form of kisses) but he actually slept downstairs on the couch while she was upstairs, so if he did or didn't is purely up to you.In fact if memory serves, some fanfic does have them er...well, let's just say 'well aquainted'.   

Tropical High
'Painting' by Carol Foss




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