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July 11, 2010
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Catfish's Corner
Homework-Don't leave home without it.
Doing your homework can enhance your story; not doing it can remove some of it's 'believability',especially in the realm of fanfiction.

 I'm not necessarily speaking of 'cannon', or the accepted 'facts' pertaining to the show. Even cannon 'ain't neccessarily so', depending on your point of view. ie: Do you, as the writer,  follow the aired characterizations and backgrounds only? (This is what I generally do)Or do you accept  the notes, interviews, revealed even years after by the producer/directors/etc to base your story details on?
In fanfiction you have a great deal of freedom anyway, and you may even  create an 'alternate universe' for your stories where doing your homework doesn't really matter all that much if you create your own 'background rules'.
However, to avoid nitpicking in your fandom, is advisable to get a few outside facts correct.
For example, one cannot be admitted to the US Naval Academy if they're not at least 17 years old or past their 23rd birthday on 01 July of the year they enter the Academy. That is written in stone so to speak.

So you can see where you might get some negative feedback if you have any of our heros attending at a younger or older age than what the rules allow. For admission requirements, educational requirements, and all about nominations, etc,  check out USNA website

For info on the US Navy their newly designed website provides a wealth of info, but it's not as user friendly as it used to be. Sigh.



A=ALPHA (think Admiral-after all he’s the top dog)

B=BRAVO (lots and lots of applause for a mission accomplished)

C=CHARLIE (one of the guys on the loading dock)

D=DELTA (down south, kinda’ wet)

E=ECHO  (what you get in an empty sub or in a big cave)

F=FOXTROT (old fashioned dance)

G=GOLF (self explanatory, what the Skipper and Morton do on weekends, but only when ashore now, ever since they accidentally smashed some equipment in the control room)


H=HOTEL (a place to bunk down that don’t smell like seawater)

I=INDIA (large country with that fancy Taj Mahal building)

J=JULIET (see Shakespeare-the dame that loved Romeo)

K=KILO ( a very heavy whatever)

L=LIMA (a kind of bean Cookie uses too much)

M=MIKE (another guy from the loading dock)

N=NOVEMBER (the month after October and before December)

O=OSCAR (award for best movie, or when Mr. Morton’s all golden)

P=PAPA (Dad, father, or the Admiral or Skipper, depending on your point of view)

Q=QUEBEC (city in Canada where they like to speak French)

R=ROMEO (see Shakespeare-the dude that loved Juliet)

S=SIERRA (some mountains out west)

T=TANGO (old fashioned dance that the Skipper wows the dames with)

U=UNIFORM( from khaki’s to poopy suits, what we wear when we’re aboard)

V=VICTOR (one of the guys on the loading dock-why are there so many on this list?)

W=WHISKEY (amber spirit locked in the Admiral’s cabin and in the Observation Nose-according to the Admiral, if it 'ain't Glen Livet, it ain't whiskey.)

X=X-RAY(see Sickbay-equipment that’s always being used on the Skipper)

Y=YANKEE (Great baseball team!)

Z=ZULU (fierce warriors)



It'll never happen...
Lt. O'Brien, on noticing a collision course ordered Sparks to relay the following:
"Pleae divert your course 0.5 degrees to the south to avoid a collision."
'Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision."
Cmdr. Morton:
"This is the XO of a US Naval Reserve vessel. We say again, divert your course."
"No. You divert YOUR course."
Capt. Crane:
"This is the SSRN Seaview. We are a VERY large and heavily armed submarine. Divert your course now!!!'
"This is a lighthouse. Your call."
*This is based on an old joke posted on many military sites, which we've altered for our boys.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Story Contest is back!


Cobra Crane Contest
After a rather lengthy hiatus, the picture/story contests are back,  beginning with this contrived picture of Lee Crane and his car. A note for auto afficiando's: it's a stick shift. (I shudder at the thought-hey that's an idea ....hmmm. Maybe I'll enter this contest myself...but as always I will disqualify myself from the voting)
You can find contest rules on site.
Happy writing everyone!

Questions and Answers
It's all in a name:
Q. How many people on the series called Nelson 'Harry'?
A. I know of one, at least, and I think there are a few, but I can't remember the episodes off hand. Admiral Starke, however, did call Nelson 'Harriman', (Mutiny).
Q. Was Lee Crane's middle name ever revealed in the show or in a script?
A. Never in the aired series and I sure can't find it in any of the scripts I have. But there's a wealth of varying names in fanfic stories. Ah the freedom to tag him with names we'd like to see him with!
Q. Will the Navy ever name one of it's subs Seaview?
A. Doubtful. It used to be that Attack subs were named after fish; now they’re also named for cities, states, famous Americans  and eariler sub classes.

It used to be that Boomers were named for  for famous persons in American history. Now they’re named for states as well.


If the Secretary of the Navy did suggest 'Seaview', it would be appropriate as there are more than a few servicemen and women who've claimed that they owed their careers in the Submarine Service to the exploits of Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane, and Seaview they grew up with on TV.

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