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Posted 10/01/2010


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Yippee! Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Season 4 volume 2 is available for pre-orders from! They don't have the release date yet from Fox, but it's comming!

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Did you know?
A few of us may remember high school science classes when we were introduced to the optical illusion of the 'Ames Room'. 
'Ame's Rooms' of various designs, are  actually  trapezoidal (walls are slanted, ceiling and floor inclined, and one corner is much closer to the observer than the other.)
Whatever the decoration, the rooms are designed to trick the eyeballs and hense the mind, into thinking a person at one end is gigantic and the other a midget.
But what appears phenomenal to us, wasn't to the actors in 'The Enemies'. In fact, the  script admonsishes the actors that what is so apparent to the audience won't be to them and for them to 'act accordingly'.
In fact, in the online encyclopedia Wikepedia, the room has a referral to Voyage: 


'The 1960s television show 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' used an Ames room in one episode to show, rather than just declare, an attempt to make two characters (one standing on each side of the room) lose their minds.'


Well, the story didn't go exactly like that, but it was a memorable episode for both the gripping story, splendid acting by all,  and the brief but fatanstic visual effect of the general's 'toy'.

The premise of the story is transformation of friends into enemies, or to be more precise in the episode, Crane's drug induced paranoia and hatred (enough to kill)  his best friend Nelson, both guinea pigs for the experimental weapon.
A point to ponder. It could have been Nelson who went ballistic first, but he'd dropped a papaya he was going to eat, and later had the smarts to figure out why the ilsand's animals killed each other before he almost ate the same berries Crane was consuming...a big 'what if'.
A bit of trivia. Sirens interferred with filming a scene on the island, and David had to do it over.



Caption Contest Picture

Now here's a challenge. Using the picture directly above, create a two liner for the new Caption Contest!

The winner of Newsletter 11's Caption Contest is:


"No Mr. Morton, we are not amused that you dared Sparks to radio the Sec Nav and ask if he had 'pop' in a bottle!!"




Pictures 'colorized' by Catfish. I know purists will say it looses some of  the dramatic impact that's inherently  embedded in  the orig. B/W but I just couldn't resist.