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Special Memorial Day Issue

May 31, 2010


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Be sure to check out the IANN for Graylady Sharon's comic book contest story in the comic book page on June 01, 2010.


Humor in Uniform
When David Hedison took lunch off the set one day, and still in 'Captain Crane's khaki's, a couple of sailors saluted him. Big change for a Seaman 2nd Class.
During the filming of 'The Enemy Below', Robert Mitchum kept teasing David  that it was  'Rudder' instead of 'Ruther', (It's a Rhode Island thing)despite the fact that David, being the professional he was (and is), had pronounced it properly.

The Words of Freedom


Carol Foss

Before I was born, they were there,

The Words of Freedom.

They speak of my right to determine my own destiny,

To argue and debate without being imprisoned for it,

To worship as I believe without being exterminated for it.

To be entitled to justice.

The words of freedom were fought for in blood.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, for all mankind, for all time.

Strong words. Strong freedoms.

But paid for with a price, even now.

Even the longest lives are short.

Memories fade into obscurity.

But the Freedoms will continue.

And of those who pay the ultimate sacrifice?

Their names are written in the clouds.

Of peace.

In Real Life:
David Hedison-US Navy
Bob Dowdell-US Army
Del Monroe-US Army
Some of the Military roles our boys have had:
Richard Basehart:
Cpl. Denno-Fixed Bayonets
Lt. Dick Rennick-Decision Before Dawn
Capt. Reinhart-5 Branded Women
Capt. Steiner-Combat-The Long Way Home
Brig. General Russel-Sole Survior
Capt. Henry Wirz-The Andersonville Trial
Capt. Aron Sligo-Gunsmoke
The President-City Beneath the Sea
Maj. Barney Caldwell-Assignment Munich
Gen. George Washington-Hallmark Hall of Fame -Valley Forge
David Hedison:
Lt. Wier- The Enemy Below
Pfc. Dave Chatfield-Marines, Let's Go
Lt. Fisby-Teahouse of the August Moon (play)
Bob Dowdell:
Young Officer-City Beneath the Sea
Maj. Tony Puller- O'Hara, US Tresury
Air Force Major-fame-Hail to the Chief