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Hint of the Month:

Contraction Action

It's just the way people speak. Make your stories flow better by using contractions whenever possible.

However, not using them can stress a dramatic turn of events. ie:

"I'm telling you to pull the plug."

"I am telling you to pull the plug."

Identical phrases, but the second phrase is a bit more forceful and could hint at an ulterior motive

Seaview Stories Question and Answers:


Q. How do I submit a story for publication in Seaview Stories?


A. Easy. Just send as an attached file via email to the contact address (found on the main site) in rich text format (do not use the docx format as my system cannot read it.) I do reserve the right to send you comments and suggestions (The 'Dreaded C-Version) if necessary. However I'm more than happy to post your story as it was originally sent.


Q. Are there any 'Slash' *  stories on the site?

A. No. However, you can email Devilish for details regarding a new slash site that is accepting contributions, old and new.


*Same sex attraction, etc. stories. Some slash is rather tame, some is graphic, And there are some really exceptional tales out there. But be warned, some folks can be rather nasty to you if you admit to enjoying this alternative venu.