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As expected with the sudden cessation of coffee aboard Seaview yesterday, there are already reports of agitation and short tempers, but no reports of actual fisticuffs. Which is a good thing as the brig is one of those area’s damaged by the hull breach and I’m reserving the isolation ward for the Captain, should I believe he require it, that is.


Normal  symptoms of caffeine withdrawal so far, some irritability (snarls at the crew for minor or even absent infractions), a bad headache of migraine proportions  that no amount of medication will aleve.

I’ve also seen a few facial twitches, and he has been heard grumbling to himself, especially after he got back from diving down to that shipwrecked cabin cruiser. I can’t think what possessed him. I’d have just logged the coordinates, contacted the Marine registry and be done with it. What’s so damn interesting about it?

 It didn’t help that he tangled with a swordfish. But he seemed more depressed than upset  as I patched up the lacerations with antiseptic and a couple of stitches. Put him on an antibiotic too. 


I have to remember that he was already in a bad mood from when we dumped the damaged goods from the breach in the hull overboard. I could have sworn that for a moment he’d almost looked as if his fur would bristle, (his hair follicles still seem to be affected from Braddock’s Atmosphere). As for snarling at the crew, a bit out of character. No one would blame him, after all that’s part of a Captain’s job description, but he usually leaves most disciplinary actions to the XO. 


I think he’s just upset that there is really no one to blame for the breach but Seaview herself.  And he still hasn’t found a cause for the systems malfunction.


To his credit, he has asked me for any ideas on what we can  use for a coffee substitute, and since I could count on one hand the number of men who actually drink tea, I doubted we had a real supply  aboard. (We didn’t, it turned out). And no, I had to inform him, Sick Bay doesn’t stock those newfangled caffeine patches. They work to a degree, but near enough for him not to feel the effects of going without.


At this point in time, as we limp toward the nearest Naval facility,  I’m more concerned about the remaining food aboard. I was looking forward to that Lasagna too, especially since it’s one of those things that the Captain will eat a full serving of ! Now, well, he actually has an excuse not to eat the three squares a day as recommended.


I remember hearing Lee joke with Nelson previously about his (Nelson’s) penchant for using Army Surplus for our supplies and am keeping my fingers crossed that doesn’t apply to the canned goods in the galley.


Except for SPAM.  Not that I like it. But this processed meat product has a very long shelf life.


I can hardly wait till we reach port. The first thing I’m going to do is find a Starbuck’s, and order a Carmel Macchiato. I know we’ll be purchasing some regular joe from the Naval Base, but I know I’ll need something with a bit more character by then. After all, I’m suffering from caffeine withdrawal myself. And I didn’t even know I was addicted! Nothing major.  But damn, I’ve got a headache nothing seems to help.


I do wonder though, why Nelson doesn’t seem to be affected. Of course, he’s been holed up in his cabin, so maybe that’s his way of dealing with it. But I could have sworn I saw a slight smirk on his face when he patted Lee’s arm and said, “Now, now, Lee, being without Coffee for a few days won’t be all that bad.”


But then, Nelson does have an oral fixation with nicotine…perhaps that helps diminish the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.  Perhaps I should investigate.



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