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Do  you really want me to go on with this blog thing, Jamie? Seems like a waste of time to me. After all, it was Lee you wanted to keep one in the first place, not me. Well anyway….

Lee’s in Sick Bay again, or rather in the Med Center. Says he ‘fell off his motorcycle’. I don’t buy it, neither does Jamison. Has a real bleeder of a gash in his scalp, and more than a few gashes on his arms, legs, and especially back.

As for that ancient motorcycle, it’s time he sold it for scrap, instead of zooming off with the  wind and rain in his face. Even if hydroplaned on a  waterlogged road you can’t tell me some of those wounds were accidental. I think our boy Lee was off playing James Bond again.


Anyway, back to Sick Bay,  I’m reminded of when I first hired Lt. Cmdr. Will Jamison as our CMO. Yes, Will, I’m going to talk a bit about you too now)  It was shortly after the Magnus Beam affair, and our part in locating and destroying it.


The bream was knocking our U-2 spy planes out of the air, and with ONI’s directive, Lee was sent in under cover to see what the hell was going on. Well, his contact was assassinated, Lee was captured by General Gamal and beaten to the point of what the Corpsman later said had been torture and that he alone wasn’t enough if the Skipper was going to be called up for special assignments on a regular basis.


He’d had to take care of Kowalski’s gunshot first, naturally, but he complained that the Skipper needed more than a bit of TLC and iodine that the foreign singer gave him. (What is it about Lee? I mean, he goes undercover, gets himself tortured, almost executed, and he still gets the girl.)


Well, I could see for myself that Lee had been pretty badly beaten, so I decided  I’d better have a bone fide MD board. One with surgical skills, for I had no doubt (and have been proven correct as time passed) we’d need one.


Lee was not in on the interviews. And was more than mift about me not considering a particularly pretty applicant. It would have been a ‘trailblazing’ decision he said, if we hired a female doctor. Of course, he admitted there  would have to be an attitude adjustment amongst the crew, as things, well, could  get bit embarrassing.


Call me sexist, but the best man for the job was  Navy, had the skills I wanted, plus the ability to badger his patients. (A stumbling block for most applicants to admit this) A real plus I thought. Not for Seaview the kindly hometown MD like Doc Baker on ‘Little House on the Prairie’ or Marcus Welby. I needed someone who wouldn’t take Lee’s ‘I’m fine’ literally.


It’s been a struggle through the years though. Sometimes I do have to agree with Lee that he’s needed elsewhere when something ‘more important’ needs his attention than a brief stint in Sick Bay. However, Doc usually gets him in the end…and I don’t necessarily mean with a big needle. Though repeated episodes with such might do Lee a world of good.


So, today I’m expecting Doc to be a bit down in the dumps after being on the receiving end of Crane’s dagger eyes, the kind of glare he usually reserves for miscreant crewmen. Maybe, just maybe,  I’ll ask Doc to accompany me to the International House of Pancakes. Think of it Will, pancakes covered with strawberries and coated with maple syrup and powdered sugar…just the thing to take your mind off of asking me for a raise or hazard pay dealing with Lee Crane.




Learning of Lee's capture

After I got the message from the undergroud about Lee's capture, I'm afraid I went a bit ballistic. Almost wrung Major Amade's neck in the effort to find out where he was.


Caught by the Magnus Beam, everything was stuck. Hatches, comlinks, torpedos, everything made of steel, titanium, etc...what our foes didn't realize was that with a bit of ingenuity, batteries and aluminum, we'd be able to get out to set charges against the beam's platform and blow it up. Well, Lee and his resistance fighters helped at that point after Ski got shot. But blow it up we did.

A little Tender Loving Care

Lee in the hands of Florence Nightingale aka Luanna. In a toss up between being treated by the Corpsman (who had to see to Ski's gunshot wound first) and her, I'd say he'd choose her!