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My Journal-In God We Trust *posted 21 July 2020. Tenth in the series.

The Consultant *posted 11 Jan 2020. 'Inspired By entry for A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words The Barbarian

Coffee Au Lait*posted 19 Sept 2019. Entry for A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words -Coffee Au Lait

The Kibble Chronicles with My Life as a Dog posted 9 Sept. 2019

Lee's Tattoo The compiled journal entries of Morton, Nelson, Crane, Lola, Kowalski, and Doc regarding Lee's Tattoo.

Some formatting was lost in the transfer from the various journals into one.

My Journal - Transitions *posted 24 Jan 2019.

9th of the series of the Harriman journals. *Has some heavy violence and takes a few liberties with traditional protocols. Follows 'New Beginnings'

My Journal-New Beginnings 8th in the series. *posted 22 Nov 2016.

Follows 'Cottage by the Sea'.

My Journal by Harriman Nelson -Cottage by the Sea *posted 23 Aug 2016. 7th in the series.

Follows 'Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind *posted 21 Mar 2016. 6th of the journals.

Follows 'Lean on Me' in the series of Harriman Nelson journals.

My Journal- Lean on Me 5th in the Harriman Nelson Journals *posted 16 June 2015.

Follows 'Cold Turkey'.

Hen Party*posted 28 May 2015

Autumn Leaves *posted 14 March, 2015. Entry for A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - Autumn Leaves challenge.

My Journal - Cold Turkey *posted 28 Dec 2014, 4th of the Harriman Nelson Journals.

Follows 'Cameo'

Memo- Beach Cam *posted Nov 23,2014

Fireworks*posted July 4, 2014.

Once Upon a Story *reposted May 25, 2014.

My Journal -Cameo (Further entries in Harriman Nelson's Journal(Jounal Entry 3)

Follows 'Achoo!'

Achoo! The Further Entries From My Journal-Harriman Nelson (Journal Entry 2)*posted March 2, 2014.

Follows 'My Story'

The Christmas Gift *posted Dec 20.013

Tumbling Tumbleweeds (with Dizzy Dolphin)*slightly revised, posted June 25, 2013.

A Very Special Assignment Posted March 30, 2013. Sequel to 'The Christmas Bells'

Privileged Information Posted jan. 22, 2013.

The Christmas Bells Posted Dec. 28, 2012.

* This story introduces Mr. Glad and Mr. Bliss.

Alias *posted Oct 14, 2012 for Dizzy Dolphin's 'Not So Hidden Assets' contest.

Also part of the Secret Agent Man series.

SNAFU Diego and Rich's comic book challenge.

Chip & Dip... A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words #23 Challenge.

I've Got a Secret* Dec 24,2011. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words #13 (Green Grin) entry.

A Seaview Christmas Entry posted Dec 17, 2011Storm's Challenge

Traditions *posted 9 Dec 2011, a post contest story for 'Bubbles' from the Diego pictures special contest

Gone for the A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Story Challenge.

*Note: A 'Youngster' is a Third Classman at the US Naval Academy, (Sophmore).

Comic Book Contest
You can see the winning entries for the IANN comic book contest at IANN selected and drawn by DS Campos

On Seaview Stories Under other Pen Names:

C.D. Gertrude:
Hidden Interlude

Abigail Woods: Ensign Casey's Diary

Yvette Minuette: Baby Boomer

On Splish Splash Slash Under other Pen Names:

The Alien Chronicles: Alien, Alienated

Yvette Minuette: Gemstone, Blue Olives

The Seaview Group* Memos
(Not in any particular order, not even in order of their original posting. Some of these go wayyyy back...)
*You can join the Seaview Group via Yahoo Groups, a great way to get in touch with fellow fans.



Intergalactic Brain Fryers

Intergalactic Takeovers

Marvelous Marketing*This was a memo made only in jest years prior to the decision to release Voyage onto DVD.

Microchip Mayhem

Missing Files

Mouse Infestation

New Computer



Too Much Time

Unequal Oppotunities

The Sub Pen* Memos
Not in any particular order, not even in order of their original posting. Some of these go wayyyy back...)
*You can join the Sub Pen at Yahoo Groups,and get in touch with Voyage fanfic writers, and enjoy their many great stories.

What Happened Next Stories

What If *posted 19 March 2011


The Triangle Terror Why is a child on the Flying Sub instead of the Captain?

Mother's Day Can the men of Seaview survive the day?

Shore LeaveThis vacation is NOT what Crane has in mind.

The Surfer Boy The Captain has a mid-life crisis.

Ice Capadethe Captain's whereabouts are unknown and the Admiral is uneasy.

Mailbag OneAssorted Seaview correspondence is in the mailbag.

Mailbag Two More correspondence in the mailbag!

A Minor Inconvienience Lt.Cdr. Morton is drafted to teach Jr.ROTC!

Blood Relation Totally altered and Revised from orig.print version in SR.

Weekend Warrior Riley puts in a stint as a Reservist aboard Seaview.

His Mother's Scrapbooks (1-5):A 'sort of'triquel to Mother's Day/Father's Day

Dear Pop/The Seaview Chronicles. The logs,letters,and journals of the men and families of Seaview. (covering the entire 4-year television series episodes)*4 sections*with transcriptions* total 022714 bytes: (* System glitch has rendered font confusion) Will be revising to updated font soon)

Nelson Family Reunion A family reunion holds many surprises!

Mailbag99Sequel to Mailbag Two

The Big Day Desperation and Deceit!

Tears of Stone Sequel to The Big Day

The Nelson Chronicles A glimpse into the past!


The Scheme (Sequel to The Plot Thickens)

Minor Damage Is Crane just pulling his weight? *posted 13 June '99

The Great Impostor (Sequel to Minor Damage)*posted 04 July '99

Gypsy Flame Seaview is home for Thanksgiving.

After the Fact What happened after the fact? *posted 24 Nov '99

The Efficiency Engineer The efficiency engineer is simply doing the job assigned!

NPIM*a '"sort of" Sequel to A Right Jolly Old ElfSpecial Corrier Delivery!*posted 22 Dec '99

Nerves of SteeleThis mission takes nerves!*posted 05 Jan, 2000

Ghost Walk (Sequel to Nerves of Steele)An unwelcome aquaintance makes a visit!*posted 12 Feb 2000

Dreambaby Are dreams portents of the future or rememberances of the past? *posted 30 May 2000

The Skipper Has A Zit*posted 26 Oct, 2000* This spoof if best if you know the melody it's sung to, but hopefully will stand on it's own.

An Unlikely Tale*posted 24 Nov 2000* Just a little whimsy!*

Schooldaze-HN *posted 02 Mar 2001* Another whimsy! What started Nelson on the road to Marine biology?

When the Cat's Away...*posted 11 May, 2001 *

Asylum*Posted 03 Sept.2002* Sequel to Somebody Else's Dream

Postage Due *posted 08 Aug. 2003

Bugs is Bugs *orig. Aug.2003 on Seaview List

Lost posted 06 Oct. 2003.

Spy Stuff

Lasting Image posted 15 April 2004.

Mailbag Series-1 *posted June 2004

Secret Agent Man*posted 14 July 2004

Seeing Green Sequel to Secret Agent Man*posted 06 Aug. 2004

Spellbound *posted 23 Oct. 2004

Glimpses Triquel to Secret Agent Man*posted 02 Jan. 2005

Switching Channels*posted 09 Mar. 2005 Prequel to Secret Agent Man*

Bugs *Quadquell to Secret Agent Man *posted 20 Nov. 2005

Calamari Crane*posted 15 Mar. 2006

Ensigns of Command *Posted 27 June 2006* Pre-Prequel to Secret Agent Man

Tapestry *posted 03 Sept. 2006

The Night Before Christmas *Revised Nov 19, 2011

You're all invited to a Costume Party *posted 21 Apr 2007

Scuttlebut Special Edition (Addition to Costume Party)*posted 26 May 2007


Undercover CraneSequel to Ensigns of Command (part of the Secret Agent Man series) *posted 16 Sept. 2007

Contingency Report

Victory *posted 17 Feb 2008

Surprise Mission *posted 12 Feb 2008

Along for the Ride *Not a Voyage story, but the author's musings as to what makes the perfect story.

First Impressions*posted August 2008

Spurn Notice *posted August 2008

Whale of a Tale

Once Upon A Story*posted 06 Mar 2009

Rascals*posted April 2009

Cat's Paw*sequel (sort of) to Spellbound.

Blue Nose 2009

Christmas in July* Posted in Aug 2010

A Christmas Cookie*posted 17 Dec 2010