Carol aka 'Catfish' Foss

All about me, sort of...

All about me, sort of...

High School Yearbook 1971

Yes, this is me. Way back in 1971. By then Voyage was only in my memory, as I was blessed to have seen the original airings in the 60's,(I was 11 in 1964) But wherever my Air Force dad was stationed after that, we never had access to the show in syndication.
So dream on I had no choice but to do. It was decades until I discovered other folks like me believed our favorite fellows deserved more episodes, the world of fanfiction. Some fanzines were already out of print when I found them, but the internet happenened and we learned of others out there. And then...the cyberchips infected me and Seaview Stories was born. A place where fellow fans can be encouraged and contribute their own stories for everyone to enjoy. 
Oh, we've had our spats. We've had our disagreements, and various points of view in the fandom have led to real 'story wars', but by and large, we're a happy lot, and it's my hope that now, as the show is finally available in all it's former glory, that we will continue to keep the characters alive in our hearts.
It may be one day that even our DVD's will disintigrate into a thing of the past, but for as long as we remember our 'boy's, I'm sure there will still be fans, continuing to write our heros into yet another Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
Happy reading and writing everyone!