A Seaview Christmas

An entry for Storm's challenge by Carol aka Catfish Foss

During one of her cruises in the Arctic, Seaview surfaced briefly to take home some ice samples and found an old book...


"Are you sure Admiral?"
"I"m a bit surprized myself. See these smiley and frownie faces next to all these names? And here's you and me....."
"But it can't really be his, can it? And if it is, what's he going to do without it?"
"Well, if it is his book, he'll find a way. C'mon Lee, it's late. Get to bed."


"Now what do  all these cans of red paint dancing around in his head mean? At least when Chip Morton dreams of sugar plums,they really are sugar plums.  Lee, Lee, Lee, what am I going to do with you...perhaps I should call for backup."


"Hello, hello. Headquarters? Big Boss here. I need some intel on someone. Lee Crane. Yes, I'll hold...he's on both lists? How can that be? His name's right here in my nice book...er...sorry, this seems to be last years'. Why don't I have this years? The Elves misplaced it when they were tossing snowballs at each other? I'll have to do it all from memory? Oh bother. Now, let's see...I seem to remember he wanted a submarine...What do you mean focus? Of course I know he was only seven at the time.    I sure came through didn't I,  ho ho ho, even if it took a few years...what? Don't you tell Santa to get on with it...I'm the boss. I'm allowed to ramble. Now, let's see...does anyone have any idea why he wants a gross of red paint? Yes, I thought that desire was a little weird too.  How long will it take to check all of his letters?Cross reference the dreams of his heart, too. We may have missed something.  Goodness I'm getting hungry. I wonder if anyone remembered to leave out some milk and cookies...
Yes, I'm here and it's not polite to listen in when I'm on a roll. Yes I know grown men don't leave me milk and cookies! I was just hoping. Now, hurry up with Lee's file!"
 Ah, perhaps I can just borrow one of Chip's cookies. I gave him a few dozen. Perhpas he won't notice....
"What? No letters for the past twenty odd years? That's not very nice...oh.  He wants the paint for what? Oh dear.  I'll have to think of something...what? Well, of course he's a good boy! Even if he's been on the naughty list more times than I can count.  Over and out."
 I'll just have to think of something...


As morning dawned, Seaview began her journey homeward.


"Gee Chip, that's great! Almost 2 dozen cookies? I don't suppose you'd care to share?"


Admiral Nelson got the desire of his heart too...
"Program the computer to start asking impossible questions.  Not everyone qualifies as a Jeopardy

contestant. I have to get ready"


Some of the gallant crew of Seaview stumbled upon an unexpected item .
"Gee, Chief, if that's from whom I think it was, you think maybe he got lost?"
"Of course not! Probably didn't want to make a mess."
"Who's gonna' tell the Skipper?"


There in a frame, the paint still damp, was a picture. A picture of Seaview and the Flying Sub. Only this Flying Sub was red.


"That has to be it, Lee. He couldn't very well really paint the Flying Sub red, so he did the next best thing."
"The real thing sure would look good red though. Seaview too. Won't you reconsider?"
"The picture will just have to do..." For now.

I Dream of Santa
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So, you may be asking, just what is a sugar plum? We might all be familiar with a certain Christmas poem, and a popular ballet, but these delectibles are not very common in the States and I had to do a little checking.
From what Seaview Stories was able to find out, a traditional sugar plum is a kind of sugared candy of dried fruits, almonds, etc. But a sugar plum might also be a plum with a  sugary glaze.
In any case, Chip Morton, being quite a gourmet, could certainly be dreaming of them the night before Christmas. (Even though he likes cookies better.)