A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 5

Smorgasboard Challenge

This challenge is a bit more labor and imagination intensive than previous challenges.
As in othe contests, your story and/or stories may be long or short, dramatic or humorous, etc. but must include one or more of the photos at some point. See how the Smorgasboard Challenge works for details.
Now, here's the real challenge; each story must also contain at least one oxymoron *
Contest has been extended to May 31, 2011 and might be exetended further as this is a rather intense challenge.
All entrants must register (you don't have to know which contest you want to enter, just that you want to enter) You can always renig later on if you need to.
Entries need to be sumitted in rich text format or the older Word 2003 as my system can't handle Word 7 or docx.
*Oxymoron-the combination of normally contradictory terms, ie:
Dark Sunshine, Noisy Silence ,etc. (You may use these as well if desired)

Here's how the Smorgasboard Challenge works.
Bronze Contest: Create a story utilizing one of the photos.
Silver Contest: Create a story utilizing 2 of the photos.
Gold Contest: Create a story utilizing  3 of the photos.
Platinum Contest: Create a story utilizing all 4 of these photos.

M S-1


Crane S-2


Crane S-1


M S-2


Prizes for this contest are yet to be determined.
Happy writing!